Food Bites.

I’ve not really written too much about my food adventures in Florence during my stay here. To make up for this I thought I’d pile together a list of all the places I’ve tried (or my fantastic housemates have) and loved. I won’t go into detail about each, apart from what sort of food they sell, but these are a list of good, fail-safe options if you’re at a loss where to go.

The Traditional Choice:

  • Osteria I Buongustai – Via dei Cerchi, 15 Rosso, 50122 Firenze
  • L’Brindellone – Piazza Piattellina, 10, 50124 Firenze
  • 4 Leoni – Via de’ Vellutini, 1r, 50125 Firenze
  • Osteria Santa Spirito – 
  • Trattoria Osteria dall’Oste – Via Luigi Alamanni, 3, 50125 Florence

  • Trattoria dell’Orto – Via dell’Orto, 35, 50124 Firenze
  • Osteria Zio Gigi – Via Folco Portinari, 7r, 50122 Firenze

Pescy Places:

  • Fishing Lab Alle Murate – Via del Proconsolo, 16r, 50122 Firenze
  • Burro e Acciughe – Via dell’Orto, 35, 50124 Firenze

For All You Vegetarians:

  • 5ecinque – Piazza della Passera, 1, 50125 Firenze
  • Vivanda – Via Santa Monaca, 7, 50124 Firenze
  • Raw – Via Sant’Agostino 11R, 50125, Florence
  • Carduccio: Il Salotto Bio – Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 10/R, 50125 Firenze

Pizza Lovers:

  • Gusta Pizza – Via Maggio, 46/red, 50125 Firenze
  • Simbiosi – Via de’ Ginori, 56/red, 50123 Firenze
  • Borgo Antico – Piazza di Santo Spirito, 6-red, 50125 Firenze
  • Pizzeria O’Vesuvio – Via dei Cimatori, 21r, 50122 Firenze
  • Farina 00 – Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 30-2/H, 50132 Firenze

Un Panino for Pranzo:

  • All’Antico Vinaio – 
  • I Due Fratellini – Via dei Cimatori, 38/red, 50122 Firenze
  • Il Panino del Chianti – 
  • La Boite – Via Palazzuolo, 17r, 50123 Firenze
  • So there is the most amazing sandwich place on Borgo degli Albizi, next to a gelateria called La Milkeria, but I cannot for the life of me remember its name! Anyway, I had to include it because it has the freshest ingredients, and the most wonderful and kind staff.

Fresh (New) Finds or a Little Bit of Fancy:

  • La Ménagère – Via de’ Ginori, 8, 50123 Firenze
  • Cibreo Teatro del Sale – Via dei Macci, 111/red, 50122 Firenze
  • Il Gesto – Borgo S. Frediano, 27/red, 50124 Firenze
  • Olivia – Piazza Pitti 14/r, Firenze
  • A Crudo – Via Mazzetta, 5A, 50125 Firenze

Sit-down Breakfast (other than a croissant):

  • Ditta Artigianale – Via dello Sprone, 3/5/R, 50125 Firenze
  • Mama’s Bakery – Via della Chiesa, 34R, 50125 Firenze

For loads more inspiration, take a look at my friends blog which is dedicated to wining and dining in Florence:



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