A Couple More Study Spots.

Italy is known for its amazing caffeinated beverages, but they have a very different coffee culture to the UK. Coffee drinking is fast paced. You nip in for a quick espresso at the bar, rather than sit for hours. I’ve never been good at working at home, so whenever I move somewhere new, I scout out some go-to cafe spots. After a little research I found a few great work cafes, dotted around the city. So here is a list of the few I’ve tried so far:

  1.  Ditta Artigianale – 

I visited their branch on Via dei Neri the last time I was in Florence, and loved it. It just so happens, that this time I live round the corner from their newest one on Via dello Sprone. When I think of both places, the words sleek and trendy pop straight into my mind. The first branch has much more of a cafe feel; it’s a cozier, smaller space. The one nearer me is more of a bar, but there is a great window area (in the picture above), that is fantastic to work at. You’re in the perfect place to people watch, as it is right around the corner from the Pitti Palace, there is working wi-fi, and plug sockets! Even if you’re not in the mood to work, the coffee alone is worth a visit.

2. Todo Modo – Via dei Fossi, 15/R, 50123 Firenze

Of all the places I’ve tried, Todo Modo is by far my favourite. I enjoyed myself so much I completely forgot to take any photos, so I’ve stolen this one from my lovely housemate (thanks Grace). From the street, it looks very much like a beautiful bookshop. The walls are lined floor to ceiling, with bright books set against some rather fab shelves. To get to the cafe space you head through the first room and turn right, which brings you out into another, equally book filled, space. At the front are some standard tables and chairs, but as you head past these you get to the more relaxed area. It’s a really cosy but bright space, perfect for working in, or having a chilled afternoon read. The wi-fi and coffee are also great, a winning combo in my eyes.

3. Odeon Bistro – Piazza degli Strozzi, 8, 50123 Firenze

This bistro might seem like a bit of an odd choice, compared to the others, but it is right below the B.I.F. language school. Every morning I head in for my caffeine fix. Although I tend to get this to take away, it’s also a great spot to sit. The inside area is beautifully decorated, if a little dark, but the covered outdoor section is fantastic, as you can work away whilst enjoying the sun. This isn’t the only reason I included it in this list. If you’re a student at B.I.F. you get 20% off lunch, aperitivo, dinner and Sunday Brunch. If you’re living the student life, you can’t really say no.

4. Libreria la Cite – 

If you’re look for something a little more relaxed and studenty – although that’s not a real word – this is the place. The space is filled with an eclectic mix of armchairs and tables, spread across three floors. I might have just picked a day where the wi-fi played up, but I struggled to upload any webpages in under a minute. Don’t let this stop you from visiting, but I’d say the space is suited for more casual work, or if you want to dig into a good book. The venue is a real mix, as it is part library, with one or two bookshelves stacked with books you can buy; part cafe, with comfy chairs, and part bar, as they also hold music events. If you want to stop by, La Cite is open Monday to Saturday 9:00am till 2:00am, and Sundays it opens from 15:00.


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