Welcome Drinks with New Faces.

Monday afternoon I headed off to my second welcome event at The British Institute of Florence, and it was a nice feeling to not be the newest face there. A lot of the students I arrived with left, one by one, over the weekend, as many had to start back at university. Those of us remaining, headed over to meet all the new arrivals. Some of these are going to be joining us on the Italian and History of Art courses, but there was also a whole group from the University of Buckingham. As part of the University’s History of Art BA, students get the option of a study term in Florence, exploring the city’s celebrated works of art and buildings in their original setting.

You might think it would be difficult to make friends, if the people you’re surrounded with regularly change. You’d be wrong for thinking this. For one it’s sort of refreshing, as you meet people from all over the world, of different ages, and from different life paths. People who you might not otherwise cross paths with. Secondly, there are so many events like the Welcome Drinks, where you get to meet everyone, but casually. Outside of lessons, and with a glass of wine (or water if you prefer) in hand, which always makes things easier.

As I was on intern duty, taking photographs of everyone, I took a small step back. From this point of view it was interesting to watch everyone interact. Old and new students were chatting, and it was surprising how quickly everyone relaxed into things and started giggling. It probably stems from the fact that all the students are here for similar reasons and interests, and more importantly because they’ve chosen to be. It looks like it’s going to be another great month ‘a Firenze.’


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