A Quiet Corner.

Florence is an amazing place to live in many ways, but one thing I’ve really missed since moving here are green spaces: parks, fields, gardens or even just random grassy squares in the middle of the city. Of all the things to miss, this was not what I expected, but I use parks so much. To work, read, run in, and relax with friends. These little green retreats are especially important as a student in the UK, because student accommodation doesn’t usually come with the luxury of a garden, or a ‘garden’ that’s habitable.

These areas do exist in Florence, but they’re not too easy to find, and are often privately owned. However, I did stumble upon the Giardino delle Rose, a small sanctuary that overlooks the city set below. You can find it on the way to Piazzale Michelangelo, near the basilica of San Miniato al Monte (see the map below).


The garden has around 350 varieties of Rose in peak season, but it is still extraordinarily beautiful in October. Most of the year it’s open 9am till 5pm, with later openings in summer. I took my book and set up camp on a secluded bench, but next time I’m going to bring along some work, as long as the heavens don’t open! As I explore the city further, I’ll post about any other good study spots I find.


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