One Sunrise to Another.

Hello all you lovely readers (if any of you actually exist). As my first foray into the blogging hemisphere, I thought what better way to start this journey, than with another equally new adventure: moving my life from the UK to Florence, or should I say Firenze, in Italy.

The morning of Saturday 3rd September 2016 rolled around, and I dragged two massive suitcases (somehow still way too small) into the car and headed off to Bristol airport. Although I’ve been a student for a few years now, and packing my life into boxes has become second nature, this was something entirely new. For one, packing light was an alien concept to me, and two, I had never lived abroad before. If this wasn’t enough of a challenge, I was heading to a country where I did not speak a single word of the language. Ok, I could say hello and thank you, but that wasn’t going to get me through 3 months.

Nervous did not even begin to cover it. Yet, as I stepped off the plane into 30 degree sunshine this was quickly replaced by a mingling of excitement and anticipation. This isn’t to say I wasn’t still completely petrified, but I managed to forget this fact temporarily. Everything I’d been building up to for the past two months was finally being realised: I was beginning an internship in the city of my dreams, with the historic British Institute. In addition to working with them as a social media intern, I would be learning Italian every morning for 3 months- so I didn’t really need to panic about my limited language skills.

Now I’ve settled in, why not share this experience with others – be they students or members of the real adult world – who are making similarly scary transitions. This blog isn’t just about the moving process, but is a way of recording, and encouraging me to get off the sofa to explore my new home. Hopefully, students, adults, tourists, or even current residents of Firenze may take a little something away from this. Even if it simply awakens them to Firenze’s incredible beauty and charm, or the possibilities of studying a language abroad.



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